Thursday, January 03, 2013


In case you've ever wondered what a can of orange spray paint looks like if it's run over, I provide this picture as a public service:


  1. Looks a little like a Beamforming pattern (can't find a good image) wonder if there is a theoretical reason for the lobed pattern...

    1. I was also wondering that. I don't think it's for the same reason as beamforming; probably some fluid dynamics thing here. Wonder if we could get some funding to study this?

    2. lol, so we've got the methods, and a great way to record results. Now all we need is to make it look bio-inspired and we have a grant!

    3. Or make it the study of nano-splats!

    4. It might have to do with the propagation of the shockwave through the can before it bursts. Though why it sprays so far perpendicular to the movement of the car and the main axis of the spray bottle, I can't imagine.

      What is interesting is that the car itself does not seem to have tracked the paint once it burst the can. The paint seems to have instantly adhered the moment it touched something.

    5. That's an interesting idea. I think it was tracked a bit, though; there are smudged orange stripes perpendicular to the burst direction.