Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Single pendulum harmonograph

A really long time ago, before this blog, before youtube and just as digital cameras were starting to become cool - I made a harmonograph with a neat single pendulum design.

I borrowed my friend's Etan's camera and took some video footage  - and recently decided to upload it to youtube.

To make a complete drawing took about ten minutes from when you let go of the weights. You can read more about the project, and the neat drawings I made on my website here.


  1. Seeing this, I got very nostalgic. I used to have a toy that did this when I was a kid, a sort of swinging red tray with a floating pen arm. You've made a super sized version ... very cool.

  2. Thanks Peter!
    I think I've seen something like that somewhere else, a true harmonograph -but in miniature. I kind of wish they still made it.

  3. Speaking of Spirograph, that is the lamest trademark ever. Cool toy, but the word already existed as did similar devices. How did they get away with making it Hasbro exclusive.

  4. Interesting! yeah it has been around since at least 1860