Monday, March 18, 2013

My Office Decorations at Aptima

Back when I started at Aptima - I also started to decorate my office, I posted about the first decoration out of a phone sticker here. More recently I posted about my bookcase standing desk and  my satellite made out of extra business cards .

While I'm at it I thought I would share a few more office decorations with you.

When I had those Escher sketches framed, I noticed a cicada bug in a ugly golden frame with a comic book caption "I'm watching you." It wasn't for sale but the employees just gave it to me after I promised to actually hang it up in my office.

there it is hung next to my standing desk.

Also there is my poster of the James Webb Space Telescope which I am really excited for (thanks Paul!)

In the last corner, I have this plane hovering over a picture of a bird. I took that bird photo last summer when Aryeh+friends road tripped to the last shuttle launch (parts I, II and III).


  1. Interesting art pieces you got there—especially the one with the cicada bug. I got my eyes on the hovering toy plane—it's just so unique!

  2. Awesome poster—I'm envious! Quite unique office decors you got there. I wonder what will you be adding next.

  3. You have really cool pieces, Jonathan! As long as they don't use up significant space to cause crowding, then feel free to add more. Using the ceiling was pretty smart, I must say!

  4. Is the cicada bug the real thing, by the way? It looks charmingly creepy in its own way. I can see why you'd hang that around. A standing desk? Please forgive me if I sound a little ignorant, but do you use a tall chair or do you really stand when you use it? I approve of the Escher frames. The black and white prints provide a nice contrast to the walls.

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