Thursday, April 04, 2013

A response from the Port Authority

I contacted the Port Authority after my blog post last week about the GWB Bus Station. And, I got a response:
Dear Mr. Lansey,
Thank you for contacting the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.  The modification you appear to be suggesting  for our current jitney operation was examined several years ago as a result the 181St Street Study.  We agree that reversing the access to 178th St and egress onto 179th St does make perfect sense, reducing the number of loops by half. Unfortunately, that would require significant modifications to the structural slab which also serves as the ceiling for the Trans-Manhattan Expressway below.

As you may be aware, we anticipate renovations to begin on the GWB Bus Station later this year.  The renovated layout  will remove jitneys wishing to access the Station from the Bridge, from the 178th/Broadway/179th Streets loop entirely.  We hope that you view this as welcome news.

 [Name Redacted]
Customer Relations
I replied to get info about the significant modifications they need to do; as far as I can, jitneys can angle in the other direction to the curb without any construction needed. I've also asked for more details about the renovated layout. We'll see if they reply back.

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