Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Update

I am okay. As far as I know - everyone I know is OK too.

Last night I took part in a midnight bicycle marathon, which took me right past the site of today's explosions. I really love this annual event (I've previously written about it here). It is usually filled with strangers encouraging and helping strangers, basically everyone is overjoyed about Boston's special holiday.

Not today.

My friend Sam Novey understands the marathon more than anyone. He's run it several times dressed in a patriotic burger costume to raise money for citizen schools - actually he's organized a group that does this every year. They were at the marathon today.

This is what Sam had to say this evening.
Skipped my first Boston Marathon in 5 years today.

The Boston Marathon is not only a great athletic event, it's one of the greatest community events in the world.

What happened today is not just an act of violence against individual people, it's an act of violence against all of us who seek to live meaningful lives where we approach our neighbors and public spaces with joy and love instead of fear.

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  1. thanks for sharing..

  2. They have found other bombs which were no yet exploded which means it is either a team or a very well organized person. Either way there are hundreds of cameras and people who took pictures in Boston today and some one took a picture of the bomber(s), It just is going to take time to sort through the evidence and identify them. Every bomb has the signature of the person who made it, and how it was constructed. The intelligence and law enforcement people have done a good job of protecting the US from terrorist attacks, something which is very difficult to do in an open society. I am surprised that there have not been more successful attempts. it is to be expected in a country which is conducting war around the world against many terrorist organizations..