Monday, August 05, 2013

Fun with the Droste Effect

These past few weeks I've been creating some Droste-style effects with Matlab. This one is my favorite, my new background image. Let me know if you can think of a good title for any of these 'art' pieces.

This is the old ish clock I 'fixed,' that has been spotted on the blog before. 
finite ish Clock

infinite ish Clock

These are a pictures from the first version of the program. It was just a few lines of code but it warped the image a little making me look like an elf. I fixed the warping problem but some other more subtle problems appeared in certain circumstances. Although I understand how the problems arise, it isn't trivial to actually fix them.

While playing around with the spiral pattern, I accidentally created some sweet Moire patterns. Click to see the full version with all the circles in all their glory. This "piece" is titled "Coffee Power" (by my friend Fanny).
Coffee Power

This is the same as the first image but before I added the angular component that creates the spiral.

Sunflowers are already kind of fractally and spirally to I pulled this one off of flikr (thanks gypsygirl70) and made some cool patterns.

title anyone?

If you want to create images like these without using my hackey Matlab code then check out the MathMap image processor which works as a GIMP plugin.

This isn't the Droste effect, but I think it looks nice anyway.


  1. I really like logarithmic spirals. There is something exponentially fascinating about staring at them for long periods of time.

    1. Thanks Elon! ... Don't stare at them too long... I personally like how the circular one towards the bottom sort of starts to look like a spiral one