Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rolodex still exists

I was pretty astounded recently to come across the company rolodex, yes they still exist and they have cool stock photos of trendy business people using a physical rolodex right next to a laptop.

But what is Rolodex now that the focus of their brand obsolete?
Rolodex is the organizational authority when it comes to innovative, easy-to-use products for the home, office and in transit. [source]
To be fair Rolodex was probably innovative in 1958; as far as I can tell it improved on the wheeldex (shown below) by adding knobs on the side and having two rings instead of one.

But what do they say about innovation?
We are revolutionizing the way you organize your workspace and home life to help bring balance back to your world. [source]

Okay, lets check out their products ... super, they make a laptop stand

My favorite part: this stand is rated to hold any laptop up to 15 pounds.

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