Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to get your credit card info stolen

There was an article in the Bergen Record about a police chief who had his credit card info stolen. He said,
“I still can’t believe how easy this way for her,” Russo said. “I’m almost intrigued by this. I want to know how she did this. I’m dying to have these questions answered.”
While I don't know how that particular crook did it, this is the picture they included:
Let's see that up close:
Maybe the next crook will just read the paper!

While he was "clever" enough to cover up the last two digits of the card, only 10 possible combinations satisfy the credit card checksum. Of those, only three (do the calculation yourself!) have rounded top-left corners in the first of the last two digits. This guy's a prime candidate for the @NeedADebitCard Twitter feed.

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