Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

The week before I left Norfolk (I may even tell you where I am now while I am still here), I visited the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.  I visited after the cherry blossoms had mostly fallen, but the azaleas were fantastic.

 This flower had both pink and white petals in it.

 I don't believe these are azaleas, but they are still pretty.
 Crape myrtle is the city tree of Norfolk and here are a whole bunch of them.
The Norfolk airport is right next to the gardens.  In fact this picture was taken from the gardens airport overlook spot.  The airport and gardens were actually opened the same year.

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  1. I believe the flowers in photo #7 are pansies. And an airport/botanical gardens combo is not quite as exciting as a sewage treatment plant/botanical gardens Japanese Gardens/Tillmann Water Treatment Plant, but still very cool.