Thursday, August 20, 2015

LoudBicycle Horn on CitiBike

I use CitiBike as part of my commute, and I wanted to use it with a Loud Bicycle horn. I needed a quick and easy method to attach and release the horn, so I bought an inexpensive spring clamp. An arm of the clamp fit perfectly in the channel for a bike tube:

All that was left was to mount it on the bike. It simply clips to the front of the basket. I found it helpful to stabilize it by running the elastic band as seen in the picture below. First attach the band to the top two posts (as if you were restraining a bag or something), then clamp the horn (clamp between band and basket), and then just detach the band from the posts and hook it around the front of the clamp.

All that was left was to strap the button next to the bell

 And ride on!

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