Monday, November 06, 2006

The first Lansey Brothers' Blog contest!

Before I got married I knew I was going to be wearing fake hair (no wait the sheital macher who sold it to me might take offense to that. It is REAL hair, just not MY real hair, well it is now that I paid for it but, or rather someone else paid for it for me, but not the hair grows out of my head.) I had decided I wanted to wear fake hair a while ago. However, the fact that I knew it would happen didn’t really make it less weird when the time came. One of the areas of intense weirdness is the hair storage technique. It is apparently a required that fake hair needs to be stored on a disembodied Styrofoam head. I found it disconcerting to live in the same room as a Styrofoam head, so I but some blue fabric on it. Yoni found it funny that I had a disembodied Styrofoam head with lots of blue fabric on it so he gave it eyes.So now my idea is that it will be less weird to live with it if it has a name. You can name it with fabric, without fabric and I will announce the winner right here on this blog, so post your entries in the comments and stay tuned...


  1. My first entry is from the world of geekeness (Stacy)' or for those of you who don't get that one how about ds/dh(Stacy) and finally Stacy Prime.
    Now that the geeky ones are out of the way here are my normal person entries Dorathy, Henrietta, Olivia, or Emily and for any of you who have a hard time with this stuff
    have fun. (you might have fun with this regardless of the intial context of this post)

  2. Medusa. Now won't that make things more comfortable?

  3. Okay so the first update is that Eli, thus far likes Henrietta.
    Stacy Prime doesn't get it because some people in college used to call Stacey Weinberg Stacy Prime, so it doesn't fit with a styrofoam head.
    Medusa-might be a promising name for the hair, especially before Eli took out the super uncomfortable "demon clips" that used to pull my face back in the old lady face lift kind of look. But that might be the second LanseyBrothers Blog contest. But in the meantime the cotenst goes on!

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  5. Let's see. I'd go with Mrs. Squinkwopper. You can ask Eli for the reference there, assuming he remembers.

    Or how about we go regal: Queen Elizabeth IV?

    Or literary: Jane Eyre? Miss Havisham?

    I like Miss Havisham, come to think of it. But Mrs. Squinkwopper will always have a space in my heart.

  6. Well...I think its time for the Canadian side of the family to weigh in here.

    Here are some suggested names:

    1) Stay C. Rosh

    2) Har Sayir

    3) Rosh Ha Nikra

    4) H Ha Hai Hair !! (some chassidim might get that one)

  7. I like Henrietta, its a good name for a disembodied head. Mrs. Squinkwopper is another excellent choice, very appropriate and props to Illan on that.
    Now I asked the queen and she found it quite rude to name the head Queen Elizabeth, so I wouldn't do that.
    Now for a offensive suggestion of my own:
    Cancer Patient.

  8. Ilan I like the Mrs. Squidwomper one but possibly even better, Queen Elizabeth, let me to think of Marie Antoinette!!!!

  9. Har Hasayir also gets VERY high points.

  10. I vote for Baldy. Or we could go with Mrs. Cancer Patient.

    Going with the geekyness entry, Mrs. Eigenkopf it means (Own Head) or Mrs. Eigenhaar (own hair). Either one one those ladies could probably make a great kugel.

    Or how about "the really creepy, disembodied head of the guy we murdered and buried under the drawing room floor"? You could even pour acetone on it and call it "the really creepy, disembodied head of the guy we murdered, disfigured, and buried under the drawing room floor"? But those would kinda defeat the purpose of naming it. So would Marie Antoinette actually. She was beheaded after all.

  11. Hmmm, I think maybe "Hairyetta Burkanot" might be something to think about

  12. So, nu?
    It's been a week, do we have a winner?