Thursday, November 02, 2006

The remote control

Last night on the subway, there was a remote control sitting on an otherwise unoccupied bench. I can just see someone tearing their house apart - poking in their sofa's nooks and crannies - to find their remote, when really they left it on the subway.

In other news, it is currently fall. And there are lots of trees in the Palisades, which are (is?) conveniently across the river from our apartment.I'll post some panoramas when I get a chance to stitch some together.


  1. Noce picture of the remote. You managed to capture some kind kind of weird depressing aura that surrounds the whole scene.

    But why wouldd someone take a remote on the Subway anyway?

  2. I don't know how you missed the opportunity to propose various reasons for this magical remote being on the subway.
    Did you press off, and it caused the subway to stop?
    Did you press fast forward and it made the train go faster?
    Maybe if you press any button, it causes a blackout, or blows up the Empire State Building.
    Where is your imagination??

  3. Anonymous makes some valid points.

    I was thinking the remote was left on the subway on purpose.

    And do you know why???

    Because it was possessed by evil spirits!!!!!!!!!!! (just waiting to be picked up by some poor unsuspecting transit rider!!)

    Anyone ever read the Monkey's Paw???

  4. Chuck Shepherd of News of the Weird, offers this theory the answer about the origins remote.

    "Oliver Alonzo Shepherd, 42 and utterly no relation—don’t even think about it—arrested for harassing a woman in the middle of the night in Covington, Ga., said he was only looking for the remote control that operates his legs "

    Ha little did he know he left it on the subway. Poor guy.

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