Tuesday, November 21, 2006


On a couple of occasions Eli has pointed out that I get to post on all the holidays that come along. Today will be no exception, this might confuse you slightly as today is Tuesday and Thanksgiving isn’t until Thursday, which as we know is Eli’s day to post. However due to Rutgers creative scheduling today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday, so I still have managed to post on Thanksgiving. As such, I would like to wish everyone a very happy Turkey Day.

Now that I have finished with the introduction part of this post I can now get to the body. I do not recall precisely how this came up in conversation, but my mother expressed confusion about the nature of the urinals in men’s bathrooms. She had been under the impression that Urinals were simply long trough like apparatuses. I will now attempt to clarify this issue. To do this I walked around the Rutgers campus with a hidden camera and got the insiders view of the men’s restrooms urinals. Now we shall embark on the great urban safari, soon we shall see some urinals in their native habitats.

This is a relativly standard breed of Urinal, however notice the intresting horn. I have only observed this characteristic on Urinals native to the 7th floor of the Hill Center.

Here is a close up of the unusual horn.

This here is an very intresting group three Urinals of diffrent sub-species. I was lucky enough to come across this in the Physics Lecture Hall.

Here are five identical Urinals, now this is a very strange grouping as I have only once seen or heard anyone is this region (the one time occured when I was taking this picture).

These are in fact not a Urinals. They are Sinks they are rather close relitives of the Urinal and you will often see them grouped near each other. My current reasearch would indicate that they have a symbiotic relationship.


  1. Very good post, Aryeh. I will point out that some urinals are, in fact, troughs.

  2. And for this you had to borrow my camera today?

  3. mabye you should switch engineering disciplines.

    Are there any engineering specialites dealing with "Fluid" mechanics?

  4. There's a urinal that is trying to suffocate itself in SERC. I believe you missed an opportunity to photograph such a tragic and moving display, and maybe also shame Rutgers into actually fixing it.

  5. To answer not uncle sysfrog, my major does require me to take fluid mechanics, and when i take it i shall take extra special care to pay attention when we are talking about urinals. To notelon yes there is, in fact there are 2 urinals committing suicide in SERC (one upstairs, and one downstairs) as well as one regular toilet who is joining the fun (upstairs).

  6. hey aryeh et al........check this out!!!!!


  7. I believe this may require a follow up post. See in Britain quite a different variety have evolved due to seperation.

  8. What building is it with the five urinals?