Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I really can’t properly express what it was like to be at the Rutgers vs. Louisville game. I had a seat about eight rows from the field. The game was insane; my parents could hear the singing from my house. The Empire State building has all its lights red. I can’t in writing properly express what it was like. However at the end of the game when we all rushed the field I cut myself jumping the fence. I can’t say anything else and really express the game properly. Just watch the end of the game for yourself especially the 5:45 mark, you should really watch about one minute of it at the 5:45 mark. Also, to make the whole night even better I have at least one confirmed siting of me and my friends on ESPN but I think we got on a couple more times as well. If you feel like going over all the videos on the internet of the game, if you see a cardboard battle ax I am near it, have fun.

First the picture that my friend John took at the game.

This is a picture from where we where sitting.

The winning field goal.

The field about 10 minuted after the game.

My cut finger.

Me and Jimmy in the endzone after the game, I have no idea why i llok so wierd.

Now for the pictures from the media.

Red Empire State Building

The media's view of the field storming.


  1. What an awesome game! I listened to the whole thing on the radio. Of course, I had no clue as to what the sportscaster was blathering about - he kept shouting out peoples’ names and what and where they were doing what or with some ball or each other all of which sounded violent but still like total gibberish, at least until my pi came home to translate for me, but – the screaming!!!! I didn’t even need the radio for that, at times I could hear it from here, and we are what, like 4 or 5 miles away??? Lumpy called once so we could hear the screaming over the phone, better than the radio or from the window, only I couldn’t tell him when it was enough because he couldn’t hear me, so I just hung up. I can’t believe this is me saying this, but I would have loved to have been there. The Lump is so lucky!

    Signed, an ear witness

  2. Ha that's great. I bet Loisville killed that guy who was offsides though. He'll never live that down.