Tuesday, November 28, 2006


It seems to me that I am the only Lansey Brother who hasn’t posted pictures of where he goes to school (of course he has posted pictures from school but we won’t talk about those). Considering that I have been going to Rutgers from almost three semesters now I have managed to never post any pictures. This is about to change. I hope you enjoy my pictures of Busch Campus.

Try to see if you can find the RAC (Rutgers Athletic Center) in this picture. Also in bottom left corner eletrical engineering building roof. In the middle of of picture you can see the roof of the Engineering Building specificly most of the Mechanical and Aerospace Department. Of course dont forget the Academic Services Buidlings below the curch spire type thing.

From the 7th floor window of Hill Center (Math) you can can see the materials science and engineering building (right side of picture). The Chemistry Buildings to the left of the materials building. Then the alcohol reaserch center to the left of that. On the middle of the left side of the picture you will of course see the Science and Engineering Resource Center. If you look real hard you can find the pointless modern art type sculpture showing shear force (its red).

A more artistic look at the materials building and of course the Busch campus Qaud.

On your left is the golf course and in the distance you can see the psychology and, pharmacy buildings, UMDNJ, and a bunch of other buildings. Also, some cars, some people, a bus stop, lots of trees, and a really small beach.

Now I have posted pictures of the non-radioactive, non-city college that a Lansey Brother goes to. Now it is time to post the funny/intresting pictures.

If you click the photo you will see that there is a great light on the bottom left that says "HELP IS ON THE WAY" they should have a light next to it that says "WE HAVE CHOSEN TO IGNORE YOUR ALARM CALL BUTTON BECAUSE WE DON'T FEEL LIKE HELPING YOU"
I couldn't not take this picture, I saw this while I was trying to get onto the Hill Center roof to get better pictures. You are looking down eight flights of very cool steps.

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