Thursday, November 09, 2006

Read this first!

We just purchased a new Linksys router. When I opened the packaging, this is what I saw:
So I figured opening the little envelope would be a good way to start. Inside:
I was beginning to get the sense that they wanted me to run the CD before connecting any cables. But I wasn't 100% sure yet.
OK, bright orange - very eye catching. Good, so by now I was almost pretty 100% sure that I should run the CD before messing around with cables (for best results). But, first I figured that first I'd take a look at the back of the router:
Wow. They must be REALLY serious about not connecting the cables before running the CD. At this point I was feeling overwhelmed with the large, bolded orange and white instructional signs, so I pulled off the sticker on the back of the router...and connected a cable before (gasp!) running the CD:

And nothing exploded or anything! What a let down. And the router even functioned properly. Really, I don't know what the big deal was.


  1. Hmm, bright orange labels, but no explosion. Maybe they want to make sure little old ladies know what they are doing before they "connect" the cable to the USB port. But we don't have to speculate. Why don't you send the blog post to Tech Support!

  2. Sure, it works and nothing exploded.
    But now you may be cursed for all eternity. Hey, I'm not wishing it on you, but it copuld happen. You always have to consider the metaphysical ramifications of your insolence.

  3. Would it have KILLED you to run the FREAKIN CD??

    BTW I think I just bought that router too. Easiest one I've ever set up.