Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What winning the super bowl taught me about SpaceX

This year my city of Boston was in the super bowl and so I decided to go out to watch the people who were watching the super bowl. But after witnessing the swing from almost losing to final super bow victory I realized that I am not so different than these hardcore Boston sports fans because ...

I'm a die-hard SpaceX fan

Here are a few reasons:

  • I'm always cheering for SpaceX, no matter what happens during the live telecast launch events
  • All other rockets SUCK because they use obsolete technology and won't ever be as strong as our rockets anyway
  • The "refs" be it NASA or the Air Force are always unfair to SpaceX ... but even they can't stop us from winning

Also there is my talk about SpaceX and the mars mission to the futurists of Shanghai meetup group


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  2. I agree! This rocket is amazing and I'm excited for humanity (we need something to be excited about, right?.