Sunday, February 26, 2006

2006 Award for Superb Shoveling Skill

What kind of idiot does something like this, did he/she even have their eyes open?
Engineers build tunnels miles underground, leagues from the shore and they meet each other exactly in middle. Sir shovels-a-lot, we are not asking for much here! In any case, better luck with your aiming next time Aryeh*.

* Okay, truth is the only thing that shoveled our lawn this winter were the snowplows.


  1. to be fair, we should consider the obvious alternative to a blind and/or malicious snow-shoveler: the powerful, mighty forces of nature. this would then be a remarkable illustration of how continental drift and tectonic plate shifting can affect our daily lives, causing severe earthquakes and/or shifting shovelled paths in the snow.

  2. ***ALERT - Beware the GLORY EFFECT!!*****

    This is a SAD illustration to what happens when someone views the GLORY effect for too long.....especially pictures of the above in Hungarian Journals!!!