Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Photo in a Physics Journal

Some of you already know that I have a photo of mine published in the physics journal of the Roland Eotvos Physical Society of Budpaest, regarding a paper on rainbows.
I tried reading the journal but I couldn't understand a word of it! Really, not a single word . . . it helps that the journal is entirely in Hungarian.

Prof. Jozsef Cserti saw the picture on this site where the glory phenomenon is explained.
If your'e interested I talk more here. Heres a picture of the journal that you can read my name in.
The Journal, my picture has the arrow pointing to it.

A Screenshot of Prof. Cserti's paper


  1. I also didn't understand the journal article, but i did appreciate the pun that prof cserti put in the title of that paragraph - "Debeye-sor" (= "Deb + eye-sore"). and they say that puns don't carry well across translations... ha!

  2. Und defund decudnw Cserti difurm sor!