Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Gettysburg Address: Fun with Google

I suggested in an earlier post that speech recognition is as much fun as Google's language tools. Just to be sure, the following is Abraham Lincoln's stirring (and now somewhat unintelligible) "Gettysburg Address" as interpereted by multiple iterations through various foreign languages:

Four jumps and seven years our parents foment done examination in this continent, a new nation, understood inaugurated in the freedom and the commerce that cause to all the comparable men.

Hour we participate great a civil war and examine, if this nation or a nation included/understood consequently and if inaugurated, to support it for much time for a can of po '. We work for aforesaid of meeting to a Campo Grande of the battle of this war. We to come inaugurate the part of this of the field, when the places for rifinire more part of orderly real state that this gave its screw that this nation could living here. He is reunion advisable and corrected that we must make to this.

But, in a greater direction, us we cannot be inaugurated -- we cannot consecrat -- we latta -- this land for sanctify. The inoperative men valiant, life and men who had fought here, the necessity consecrated add distant absentee or exempt it in our defective energy. The will of the world of small acknowledgments still remembers much period, to où says here, but it cannot never does not forget, that here. He is for us incomplete of the life for inaugurate something here, it who stops fighting here, to have consequently until this splendid work of outpost of the moment. * something, in the way these great we it try-lheo inaugurate here here to be able, of that before remain we -- those von this to the honor to damages that it increases to we to dedication this cause to made the examination, that this hard the complete measures it to give dedication -- to I repair we of a direction we mark very, that these inoperative women not in dying useless -- that this nation, under the god, new a freedom of the birth -- and that a form for governing any, of the person, for the person, not for for dying.

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  1. Highly amusing. I can just hear the national anthem playing behind it.

    That asterisk somewhere in the middle didn't also come Google Translator, did it?