Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Centennial Post

To start, I would like to point out the new blog banner. This post is, as the title would hint, the one-hundredth. Because this is a significant milestone for the Lansey Brothers blog it will pertain to all three of us. I am working at the Middlesex County College Karate camp, and as a Sempi (assistant karate instructor) at my karate school. Yoni is working on an artificial life project in California. Eli is working in particle physics at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Ah, now that I got that out of the way. The following pictures where not taken for the purpose of this blog. My brothers and me saw the opportunity to take these pictures and with the help of a handy time delay and tripod we had a photo shoot.

Well You Never Know

For all your mob drive by shooting needs


  1. dudes.. 1)mazal tov to eli. and to eli and stacy. and to stacy. and to eli, yoni, aryeh, lil and bob. and to uncle who always comes for chag fom New York. and to bob's mom who is also very nice and interesting. and to.. um all of klal yisrael.. ..
    2) I hope that in good form someone had the nerve to put eli and stacy's engagement on onlysimchas... complete with gag comments.
    3) I like the camera a lot aryeh.
    4) wow.. you guys travel!
    5) Avi keeps me up-to-date on your comings and goings.. but being avi he is always a tad on the late side.
    6) hmmm... if I start counting in hexadecimal will it be more fun?

    okay, I'm glad to hear baout the engagement...
    i'm amused at the pictures, I'm really amused at the santa claus convention... and seriously I need to go and get some sleep...

    we scientists get little of that...

  2. Hey...don't forget to wish Mazel Tov to the Canadian uncle person!!!!

    BTW...not too many count in HEX anymore. Of course, when I started in computer science in 1977, the Dead Sea was still sick!!!

    As I always say...."Life begins at X'30' !!"