Sunday, June 04, 2006

Do not assume most canadians act like this

Here are some people doing some silly walks outside the Canadian supreme court. they would make Monty Python proud.

These guys are hopping mad,

And don't forget to remove all excrement from pets


  1. Of course the fine for not "removing all excretement from pets persuant" is 2000 canadian dollars, which we all know are not worth the price of capitalizing their name, so the streets probably get rather dirty.

  2. the first two pictures dont work! :( i want pictures
    however it's nice to know that they remove the excrement from their pets themselves. it's good to see a touch of humanity once in a while.

  3. Being of the Canadian persuasion, the sign makes way more sense than the famous "CURB YOUR DOG".

    I guess that's why the curbs in the greater New York area are brown??