Thursday, June 08, 2006

This post has nothing to do with Canada

My family goes on a short trip to Canada, and that's all they can blog about for 2 weeks. Sheesh. It's not even like it's a real country or anything.

Anyway, I have begun my summer internship for the United States Dept. of Energy at Brookhaven National Laboratory in the middle of nowhere Upton, NY. I don't have much time to write at the moment, but my project is part of the PHENIX project at RHIC. More details and anecdotes will come in future blog posts.


  1. Yeah two weeks for Canada, what a waste. Now if you had gone to Estonia or Congo, things would be different.

    In fact Congo has a breeder-reactor*. You should try to get an internship there.

    Yeah I know the article is old, but still.

  2. Sorry, but that picture looks Photoshopped.

  3. Once again notelon doesn't like Canada!

    Just FYI...outside of Toronto, we have our very own nuclear reactor.

    btw...every hear of the CANDU reactors developed by your favorite country??

    Check out

    The Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., designer of the CANDU reactor, would be a nice place for an internship. (assuming you can put up with us Canadian types) Aye??

  4. In May, a judge in Edmonton, Alberta, ordered Shee Theng, 30, to serve a nine-month community-control sentence for partially scalping his then-girlfriend by attempting to "style" her hair with a power drill, a technique he said he learned about on a TV infomercial. Theng admitted that he knew it was a bad idea because he had previously screwed up his own hair trying it out.
    News of The Weird

    You win Not Uncle Sysfrog, Canada is interesting enough to deserve 2 weeks worth of posts.

  5. and here we have the textbook example of the 'i'm so happy to be here' smile.