Sunday, December 10, 2006

Paternoster update

I got some publicity lately for my YouTube paternoster video with the vBlog RocketBoom linking to it here. (It now has over 1,000 views, not a lot for a youtube video, but a lot for one of mine). Some people left comments about it on rocketboom like this guy:

. . . Paternoster . . . meant our father. Apparently, as the lift became popular in Europe, plenty of people started saying quick silent prayers before attempting to use the seemingly dangerous device. The name stuck, and thus the "Cyclical Elevator" was pretty much dropped.

And this other guy:
There was a paternoster at the University I went to (DeMontfort University), also in Leicester.
Rarely running due to people going "over-the-top" I had to climb 7-10 flights of stairs to get to my classes. Great idea if they worked.
Maybe spikes at the top would be an idea?
It probably didn't work at DeMontfort Uni because they're not as good a Uni as Leicester, clearly we are smart enough to keep ours running almost all the time. Anyway, careful not to take any rubbish bins on board or it could decapitate you as shown in the following Swedish diagram.


  1. I don't want to spoil your fun but all of those comments and favoriting wer done by me and my 15 hundred accounts.

    Nah, only kidding. Congratulations.

  2. I must admit you scared me there for a sec notelon (except that I know you don't have 1000 ip adresses at your disposal for the view count)