Sunday, December 24, 2006

Touring British Parliament with an MP

A freind of mine's dad from Uni is an MP. Here I am shaking hands with him, Ian Cawsey (he debates in the house of commons and is part of Tony Blair's party). He was extremely nice and very funny without the creepily smooth feel you get from American politicians. He gave me and another mutual freind a tour of Parliament, stopping occasionally to say hi/ introduce us to his MP/ Lord friends.

We went in the back non-touristy way passing the MP's cubbies "like in grammar school," with name tags and everything. The difference being the little red ribbons which are to hang their swords on (zoom in to see them).

We weren't allowed to take photos at all except for in this hall: built in 1097, the roof is so old that they found some raquet balls stuck in the ceiling from Henry VIII.

find out more about this possibly coolest workplace ever here, but the bottom line is if you live near Grimsby then vote Cawsey!


  1. Mr. Cawsey has quite a sense of humor. This is an excerpt from his speech on wind farms.

    "When tests were run, it was found that the area was rather low on wind. Hon. Members may call me a simple chap, but people might think that that would be key to building wind farms in an area."

    For the record I agree with him.

  2. Sorry that should read humour. Pardon my atrocious spelling.

  3. First picture could have used fill in flash. Last picture looks like the Teaneck home addition the neighbors built.

    BTW - Have you checked google lately? Poor Kevin is down to 4th place with Yoni hogging an unfair number of hits.

  4. Blimey Jonathan me and dad just read that together its lovely! Come up and stay with us before you go home Ill take you around the famous Grimsby! Although I must say that my Dads constituency is about 30 minutes away from Grimsby! hehe

  5. PS on his humourness.. Hes always getting told off for making sarky comments in parliament .. usually towards Mr Cameron haha!