Sunday, June 10, 2007

DNA Fingerprinting and Sir Alec Jeffereys

This is me with Professor Sir Alec Jeffereys FSR, in the University of Leicester lab where he invented DNA fingerprinting and did the first DNA paternity tests and criminal identifications. He has quite a few awards as well as being elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1986, and Knighted in 1994. It is speculated that he may well win a Nobel Prize one of these years. Read about the discovery here. Thanks for your time Professor Jeffereys!

Since I leave England tomorrow I thought I might make this post really classically English.

This is just a regular room in a not so regular Burghley House in Alex's best preserved stone town in England, Stamford, thanks for everything Alex!

This is a regular hall at Cambridge University, thanks for everything Amitai!

And they just don't make headlines this funny in the states.
"We work the longest hours of any developed country, says the UN . . . And here's the head of the Labor Party . . . Showing the signs of working too hard (or of too much international travel), Tony Blair adds a little more CO2 to the atmosphere before getting down to talking about global warming at the G8 summit in Germany yesterday."

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  1. wow that soo cool you got a picture of you in lab!!!