Sunday, June 17, 2007

Foreign and Exotic Urinals

Here at the blog we were first introduced to the American urinal by Aryeh here then the taxonomy was clarified by Eli here. I would like to do my part by classifying a few more exotic urinals. The britanias urinalas clearly classified under urinalas cornu, it is speculated that the ones found in america are actually invasive species escaped from british ships with segregated toilets (restrooms).

A urinal normally found in France, urinalés corné

Nearly extinct, I found this one living in the basement of the University of Leicester, urinalas grosses.

This is a fossilized toilet from Perivel Castle . . . carefull!


  1. Ah, the urinalas grosses. I believe experts colloquially refer to this species as "The Pee Wall." I must say, the British variants are very civilised: they've developed wall-like appendages to provide some privacy, something noticeably lacking in their Israeli counterparts.

  2. Indeed Eli, but are you sure that grosses is indeed part of the genus Urinalas. I believe we may be looking at a stunning example of Convergent Evolution.

  3. I will of couse point out that
    britanias urinalas is a misuse of the binomial nomenclature system. You made the mistake of swaping the Genus and the Species the proper name for the species you have documented would be urinalas britanias.

  4. It would actually be Urinalas britanias, as the genus name should be capitalized. i.e Homo sapiens. But I'm just nit-picking.