Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sound of Silence

I have been informed that I have too many words and not of enough pictures, for today I will change that.
This morning when I logged into my Yahoo Radio Station I was greeted by this lovely message (it really made my day... VERY MUCH LACKING MUSIC, and not very much fun at all).

Some time ago I noticed this intresting phenomenom, then when I got a camera to take a picture it was gone (The picture was taken the following day).
"Not to amazing" you say, well if you look at the fire hydrant you will notice that the bottom half it covered with dirt, this is because it had been half buried.

Now for some picture taken last summer at a paintballing game.

I am resting between games (I dont wear my kippah while paintballing, I would lose it), note the sniper barrel and CO2 tank line. I have now got a stock for it as well.

Now hard as this may be to believe, the pile of leaves is in fact my friend Jimmy we buried him so he could ambush the opposing team.

You can just see me looking over the rocks, great bit of cover they couldn't shoot me at all. Plus its a nice picture.

While this may look like we have a arabic guard, in fact we have Sergey with my machete and the press hat (to avoid shooting the press during a match whoever was taking pictures would wear the plastic bag on there head).

At the end of a hard day we let loose with a bit of running around like mad men with machetes (you can even see where I have been shot during the day).


  1. Maybe that should be too many words and/or too many pictures?

  2. Just last post Eli posted eight pictures, I only posted seven.