Saturday, August 04, 2007

Keep Shabbat in Style

I'm not sure why, but Google decided to target market me into "More about . . . Sabbbath" while reading a gmail email about nothing at all related.
It caught my attention and there was a real funny mix of things in it, most notably:

Automate everything for only $49!
Lights, Oven, Radio, and more.

Send ringtones to your phone
right now!

Elegant Hostess Gowns
Shabbos Robes Here! Check Our Sale

Official Black Sabbath Tee
Affliction Signature Series Tees


  1. X.10 Youup!
    You can probably figure out who this posting is from.

  2. if its not a sarcastic youpe then I can figure out who this posting is not from,

  3. Well I don't know about that youpe, but this youpe is sarcastic.