Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What Wrong With This Picture

In the Sunday comics there is comic called Slylock Fox, in it there is Slylock Fox a Sherlock Holms wannabe. Every week there is some mystery that he has to find the solution to, and he can do this based upon something in the comic frame. You are supposed to guess what the solution to the mystery is. They tend to be very stupid with even stupider solutions. This week’s comic was utterly stupid because the solution was correct but in my mind there is an even bigger flaw.

Because it’s hard to flip your monitor upside down
Have you seen it yet, that’s right the picture of the nastily guy on the moon has stars. Now if you are on the moon with shadows being cast, you must be on the day side and if you are on the day side taking pictures for daylight exposure stars won’t show up. Stupid cartoonist we must all spam him with complaints about this massive inaccuracy, or he can admit that he took the picture on a sound stage with stars glued to the ceiling and then photoshoped the nasty guy into that.

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  1. actually, the photo of the nasty guy on earth has stars- and the moon in it! so actually the comic book artist himself is a big fake!