Thursday, August 23, 2007

Library Safari

I start graduate school next week. This week was advisement and registration time (more on this in a later post, perhaps). Today I went exploring around the City College campus. They have some fancy buildings:

In the library, they have the cushiest glass elevators ever:

I took the elevator to the third floor (YU readers might be interested to know that CCNY's library floors do not seem to be accessible by stairs, only elevator...) and discovered this daunting map:

I was clearly entering an uncharted wilderness, filled with wild stacks of books and armored water fountains:
As I traipsed through the stacks I discovered the book's nursery! Undoubtedly to shield them from predatory water fountains, juvenile books are kept safely in a protective cage.
In all seriousnesses, for a moment: For the life of me, I can't figure out why the kids' books are left essentially inaccessible (there's one place in the stacks where you can squeeze in).


  1. Perhaps the juvenile books are kept separate to protect them from the pernicious influence of the more 'adult' books. Kind of a walled-in playground where the mommy and daddy books can feel safe leaving their precious little bundles of pages.

  2. maybe thats their way of warning people that the elevators are really really slow . . .

  3. Eli, you know kids' books. If you don't keep a close eye on them, they'd probably wander off somewhere. And those Young Adult books? They would go out nd throw one heck of a party if you let them. Completely trash the place. Ripped pages everywhere. Not to mention the blaring stereo music. And we can't have that, considering it's a library and all.