Sunday, December 16, 2007

Intro to Drawing and

I am taking a course "Intro to Drawing" next semester at Rutgers Newark. I checked the professor up on and it appears that I'm in for a hard time (to remain un-named). For your convinience, I have highlighted the funniest part of this rating in red:

The class itself is decent, but this teacher makes it unbearable. She constantly makes unfunny jokes, and will confuse the hell out of you in class. Not only that but she is VERY ANNOYING. Take another teacher or take another class, but do NOT take her, trust me. This class is torture, it feels like it belongs in a scene from SAW. TERRIBLE TEACHER.

Lucky for me, this student did not take Intro to Drawing with this Prof. my hope is that class I'm taking will be less like Saw, and a little more like being in a scene from scary movie.

It turns out that I'm taking a section with a different professor, this one's report was a lot better:
"I couldve slept and still get an A."


  1. I don't know. I'm not sure if I really trust her teaching skills.

    (OK, I admit it. I don't know who she is either. I just used wikipedia.)

  2. look up eli lansey on the yu rate my professors page

  3. Eli has no ratings, unless you wanted me to give him one...