Thursday, May 01, 2008

Visual Braille

Check out this sign on the door to a bathroom in City College:
Here, I'll zoom in for you:
In case you can't read it, the handwriting says "Nice visual Braile [sic]." I kind of want to make those photocopied bumps bumpy, but I'm not quite sure how. Any ideas from the peanut gallery?


  1. simple, all you do is take a mechanical pencil (with out any graphite sticking out), then place the paper facing down on a notebook, then place the pencil on each dot and wack the back of the pencil. do this for every dot and the result will be be slight bumps on the front side.

  2. hahah, funny that someone wrote on the sign,

  3. Eli, think about it. Even if there were raised bumps, What are the odds that a blind woman will randomly feel the right place and find out it is the bathroom?

  4. notElon - I wonder about that in general. There's Braille in all sorts of random places (including standard restroom signs) - how do blind people know where to feel? Do they walk along randomly molesting walls?

  5. I think there are subtle shifts in the floor gradient, different for men and women. Also, is it possible that all blind people are faking? Who would question them? I will remain anonymous.

  6. From an emailed comment:
    I found this sign on a floor undergoing construction at Mt. Sinai. It's obviously temporary, but it is in the same theme as a photo you had shown earlier on your blog.
    the picture