Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm stuck

As I've mentioned before, Hamilton Grange is being moved. However, if you take a look at how the house is situated, it seems like they might have a slight problem:
As you can see, it's flush against an apartment building on the left and on the right it's blocked by a large bit of church. Typically, when houses are moved they're jacked a few feet off their foundation, put on wheels and pulled to their new location. But that won't help in this case - there's a building in the way!
I asked a guy working on the site how they plan to move it out, and it should be really impressive. So stay tuned!
(Feel free to suggest your own methods in the comments.)


  1. Many times, when houses are moved, especially historic houses, they are cut in half or thirds and moved in pieces.

  2. i suggest a fleet of helicopters, and or rockets,

  3. I suggest an airlift, perhaps Lawnchair Larry style. Either that or they could just jack it up about 200 feet above the foundation, and slide Hamilton Grange over the other buildings.