Tuesday, August 05, 2008

180000 Miles and Cloudy

Well yesterday on my way to Rutgers for an AIAA design team meeting this happened.

Yep clouds happened, oh also that whole thing about my car hitting 180000 miles. To make it even cooler, as far as I know it has done it on the same clutch, and my father taught me and both my brother how to drive stick in that car.


  1. You didn't try taking those images while driving, did you?

  2. Your father taught you and your brothers to drive stick? Excuse me?

    I distinctly recall giving you a driving lesson in one of the Rutgers parking lots when the clutch/gas swap clicked for you.

    And this post is really rotten timing on your part since I was going to do a post (on my blog) sometime during the next month when my car reaches 100,000 miles. I am still going to do the post, so don't think I got the idea from you.

  3. Also, reaching a milestone (milestone, get it? ha! ha!) mileage on a car is way more satisifying when there is an analog counter than a digital.