Monday, August 04, 2008

Tons of Egypt Pictures, Cairo Alexandria

Cairo at night:

The traffic does not usually move in straight lines:

This is just outside of Eilat.

This kid had never seen a white person before . . . or so his stares seemed to say. Here a friendly stranger is showing him a newspaper.

the beach in Alexandria


Possibly the biggest statue I have ever seen (not counting the statue of liberty)

This guy was at wikimania, he was from Scotland.

Crossing the steets in Egypt can be quite scary. Jordan here is making his way through the middle of the street- note: none of these busses are parked.

This may be the best picture I have of myself in front of these things.

This is where my piece of the pyramid is from

These guys were life size

Egyptian spelling is the greatest. "Cood Bye, Wish you come again"

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