Sunday, September 21, 2008

MIT Map Humor, Please wait while the sattelite moves into position

While the map for the MIT campus loads they have some pretty hilarious statements that help you mind the time.
This occurs mainly when clicking the arrows on the map to move the view to the left or right. So my favorite is "Please wait while the satellite moves into position" shown below

Some other good ones:

please wait, checking the gravitational constant in your locale...
please wait, and enjoy the elevator music
please wait, the bits are breeding
please wait, we are testing your patience
please wait, and dream of faster computers


  1. "a few bits escaped, but we caught 'em"
    "while the little elves draw your map"
    I wonder if there's a list of all the variants available, this way I stop hitting refresh.
    Also, if you try navigating all the way to one edge of the map you get this message, "Unlike the world, the MIT campus is flat. You cannot go any further without falling off the edge."

  2. Should be, Eli. But if they are generated by PHP script, you'll never see 'em.