Sunday, January 04, 2009

Blast from the Past on NJ Transit winter 2005

Happy new year everyone. I was cleaning up my hard drive the other day (not a new years resolution but it needs to get done anyway) and I came across a few pictures from 2005 back when I was taking the train every day to school in Newark.

This is the Edison train station parking lot covered in ice one morning.

There is actually an old double decker school bus from England on the side of the tracks . . . don't ask me why! 10 points to anyone who has seen it too and can place it between two stations. 100 points for anyone who can explain what its doing here!

This day the train was packed and one of the doors wouldn't close properly . . . it was pretty cold and snowy that day too . . . made for a fun train ride!

This one time the doors opened at the Metuchen train station behind the platform . . . I considered jumping for the fun of it.

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