Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grave of Mary Ellis

Movie theater in a graveyard???

Correction, its a grave 7 ft above a movie theater parking lot!

Some of you may be surprised to learn that you have probably even been in this very parking lot yourself sometime. See it on Google Maps here. Its in New Brunswick NJ.

Mary Ellis . . . . wikipedia has a story of who she was - its pretty boring - read it here if your interested.

The gravestone reads:

Mary Ellis
1750 - 1828
Margaret Ellis

Wife of Genl. A.W. White
1767 - 1850

Elizabeth Margaret Evans
1813 - 1898

If anyone knows anything else about this lady or her grave post it below!


  1. I once parked by it with friends when going to a movie, I pointed out that if you think about it, even if they buried her 6 feet down she would still be above ground. Kind of disturbing when you think about it especially when you remember that the location used to be a flee market.

  2. I used to park in that lot all the time. Kinda freaky.

  3. This is probably old news now, but Mary Ellis was a woman who allegedly inspired the song "Brandy" by Looking Glass (both the band and Mary Ellis are/were residents of New Brunswick NJ). As the song goes, Mary Ellis was in love with a Revolutionary War hero and sea captain, who had to leave to sea but promised to return. It is said that she came to the spot where she is currently buried to look out at the Raritan River (which is 180 degrees from the angle of this picture) to see if he would come back. He never did, and she was buried in that spot (along with some other relatives).

    The estate changed hands a bunch of times, at one point belonging to the flea market, and later getting sold to Loews. By the time Loews took over, they regraded the parking lot but left the plot of Mary Ellis undisturbed, which is why it's so high off the ground.

    Tragic story. Oddly, it's far enough off the ground that unless you were paying attention you might not even realize what it was even if you park next to it. I parked there several times before someone mentioned it, and when I learned about it I was fascinated.