Thursday, January 08, 2009

This post intentionally left blank

Dedicated blog readers might recall a comment I wrote on Yoni's "Splam" post where I mentioned someone named Elizabeth A. Lanese (?).  You see, in our old apartment we were perpetually getting splam for Ms. Lanese.  You know, credit card applications, "you may already have won a million dollars" scams, and so on.  We put up with the annoyance of continually sending back these letters, and were hopeful that when we moved we'd seen the last of this Elizabeth Lanese.
Except for the general weirdness associated with the credit check (see aforementioned comment), this was the case.  Until yesterday, that is.
We received a letter addresses to Ms. Lanese that went through the USPS's mail forwarding system.  It helpfully suggested that we "inform sender of new address."  How about, "inform USPS that Lanese is not the same as Lansey"?
In any case, I'm thinking we should list her as a dependent on our taxes this year.  We could even fill out this "card intentionally left blank" we received from our insurance provider for her.

Originally I was going to end this post here, but as I was finishing editing it I got a phone call.  From American Express.  On my home line.  Trying to reach Elizabeth Lanese.  I kid you not.  And then on my cell phone.
However, upon Googling the number they called from, it turns out this is a scam.  So, Elizabeth A. Lanese, if by chance you're reading this, don't give any important info to people pretending to be American Express unless you dial them directly.  And, also, please "inform sender of new address."


  1. Your blog is the top search engine hit for "Elizabeth Lanese". So maybe, if she ever googles herself, you can get her that blank letter.

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