Sunday, June 28, 2009

Franconia Notch State Park

Franconia Notch State Park, the park with the old man of the mountain profile for New Hampshire is very close to the highway. Its not only very convinient to drive too, but also supplies a great view from the top . . . of the highway.

I came, I saw, I lit a fire.

Note: this fire is smaller than it appears.
No marshmellows, but the toasted bread this fire provided was nice.

They have a tourist attraction there called the Flume Gorge, which is $13 a person to walk on a boardwalk style "hike" through this gorge with escalators in the steep parts. Not my cup of tea, though I remember it being nice when I went a long time ago - with the Lansey Brothers and the Parental Units.


  1. Of course you forgot to mention the Old Man Memorial, which just may be the most touching tribute for a bunch of rocks.

  2. You mean the ex-old man of the mountain profile.

    Or did you not notice?

    And, no, he is not only sleeping.

    That is not enough water to put out a forest fire, had you started one.

  3. It was raining the whole way up, it was difficult enough to get that started with all the wood dripping wet.