Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Screaming in the Rain

A month and a half ago my windshield wipers broke. After much delay I finally opened up the cover over the wiper assembly, during which time I was twice stuck in heavy rain with my head out the window to see. I discovered that one of the arms inside the mechanism had broken, so I removed the whole wiper assembly and order the parts I needed. Then my mothers vans breaks broke, so my mother had my car. I was looking forward to being able to fix my car while my car was nowhere near me, however she got home an hour before the part came in. All the same I now once again have windshield wipers, which is very nice considering the weather we have been having.

This is where the windshield wiper assembly is supposed to be.

This is the wiper assembly, the two black posts with nuts on them are where the wiper arms connect.

This of course is the underside of the wiper assembly. The replacement arm is in place, you can see how rotational power from the electric motor is converted into reciprocating motion for the wiper arms (the posts are in the bottom right and in the top left).

The assembly has been re-installed, I figure I don't need to post a picture with the plastic cover and wiper arms re-installed as I am sure you know what that looks like.


  1. whats inside a windshield wiper project!

  2. Silicon spray on the windshield did a pretty good job of clearing the rain.