Thursday, June 25, 2009

Open Letter to IKEA

Dear IKEA,
I understand you enjoy having a strange naming convention.  And while Barnslig is a cute name for a rattle, and Slitbar is a reasonable (although somewhat creepy) name for a knife, Barometer already means something.  You see, this
is a barometer.  So is this
and this
And these:
are also all barometers.
However, this
is called a Lamp, not a Barometer.

I expect you will update your product line name in light of this letter.
A Nut.

P.S. Love your Billy bookcases


  1. You might want to take on the car companies while you are at it.

    Assuming there will be any car companies to complain to.

  2. There's a car called the Barometer?