Sunday, August 15, 2010

Caption Contest

"Mr. Bean drives a convertible with his feet." Any more good ideas for captions? . . . (This seen between NY and Boston).


  1. "Look Ma! No hands!"
    "No, I thought you were driving..."

  2. "Experiments in aerodynamics"
    "That was quite a grand slam!"
    "The wave."

    C'mon, no one else is even trying?

  3. Wooppee a real live roller coaster!!

  4. haha, great suggestions guys. I have another one.
    HELP HELP, we're drowning!

  5. Since no one seems to be driving the car, I would say the caption should be, "Why don't we just park the car right in the middle of traffic so we can cause a 2 mile backup, and then wave our hands in the air at all the people who get stuck behind us."

    Must be a Massachusetts thing. When people park their cars right in the middle of traffic in NJ causing a 2 mile backup(generally during my commute home from work), they do not wave their hands in the air.