Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Full of Hot Air 2010

You may remember that last year I volunteered at the Quick Check Balloon Festival. Well I did so this year again. Unfortunately, I did not help with the morning launch because my friend who was there was still sleeping (he was under the weather). Although I did help with the evening launch I have no pictures of that because my parents forgot to leave a camera and did not come for the evening launch. For the evening launch I helped with a RE/MAX Balloon. We inflated it just like last year, however unlike last year, we also launched. Since hot air balloons are subject to winds they normally cannot return to where they take off from, so you need to chase them. This was an experience. Tearing around the local roads trying to keep an eye on the balloon, while talking to the pilot to figure out where he was going to come down. In the end he came down behind a school and due to bad directions from a local we where a little behind him getting there. Fortunately, some locals helped hold the balloon down until we got there. In return we gave tethered balloon rides until we had to deflate because of night coming on. Enjoy some pictures from the event.

This is me in front of Sproulville (The RV and trailer are owned by my friend, his brother is the balloonist he races motorcycles).

Some of these people are really into ballooning.

Nice shot with the burners going, the RE/MAX balloon I helped with has two 15 million BTU burners.

The two bees are Lilly and Joey I spent part of the day out of the rain talking to Lilly's pilot.

Keeping the balloon down until the pilot is ready to take off so that the balloon can gather enough free lift to get altitude quickly.

A balloon inflating, you can see the crown tether of another balloon cutting across the picture, that balloon most likely had gone hot. The crown tether is used to help control the balloon while it is on the ground.

Just starting to hot inflate.

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