Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hot Coals Only

As I mentioned last week, I was at a conference in San Diego last week:
So, while Stacy, her mother, and Moshe were out enjoying the weather, I spent my days here:
At least the hotel room had a good view.  There were two aircraft carriers (Nimitz and Carl Vinson) parked across the bay.  Here's the Carl Vinson and some support ship:

But you could also see across the bay, and the distant Cabrillo National Monument (which we visited the day we left).
You can just make out our hotel across the bay, and, yes, that is a submarine.

I was able to have a little fun, though.  Stacy and I rented a convertible, and drove up the coast:

Finally, some of you may recall Yoni/Jonathan's series [1, 2] on "No Hot Ashes."  Well, I noticed these nifty receptacles on the beaches of La Jolla inscribed with the opposite message:
And, if you look closely you can make out some surfers in the water.

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  1. If you didn't already figure this out, the "hot coals only" means "don't put flammable trash in here, only coals that will burn out without too much fire."