Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vote for my Spikey!

I've entered the Wolfram|Alpha Holiday Spikey Contest!  Last Friday I got a package in the mail from Wolfram Research. Inside was this:
A paper sculpture Spikey kit.  Inside that was this:
So, after a bit of folding and so on, I was ready to drop in the last piece:

The instructions said to take a photo of Spikey in a place I might need facts.  So, here it is in the softwall cleanroom on an optical bench in my lab:
But, more often than not, I'd be needing facts at my desk, here:
Note: Mathematica open on the left monitor, Wolfram|Alpha on the right.  Ready to go...

But now, it's time for me to ask all blog readers to: Vote for my Spikey! (even though there are other really impressive Spikeys on the site.)  You can vote once a day from now through January 3, 2011. And I can win prizes!  And you can win prizes! So, vote early! And vote often!

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