Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Great Blizzard of 2010 Part 2/3

Continuing the snowstorm blogging, we also got quite a bit of snow. This was one of our neighbor's cars (ours was in the garage):

Also, as with last year, I set up a time lapse movie of the snowstorm:
Check it on YouTube for the full HD version.  You'll notice the snow piled up on the window this year, blocking the shot.  I needed to knock some away at around 10:30PM.

Also, our hilarious friends drove out in the blizzard to make a cameo appearance and dance in the movie.
See if you can find them!

And, while I'm not sure if we got as much snow as Aryeh and The Parentals,
everyone helped out with the shoveling:


  1. I love how you can see the pine tree bend over as it gets weighted down with snow!

  2. I want the hi-def dance video! ... I see it is around 15-16 seconds in.
    Also, nice job with the music again

  3. Yeah, at the 15 sec mark, but they are only there for about a frame.