Sunday, January 02, 2011

The greater than average snow event of 2010 Part 3/3

Now continuing from Aryeh, and Eli, I will add my part to documenting the last puny snow event of 2010.

At least Boston got a decent amount of snow this time. Unlike the last NJ blizzard last time NJ got snow. See this massive parking lot glacier.

And I was finally able to use my snowshoes again. These are the day-old tracks left in the snow from the first time I walked around the lake.

This is a view over the semi-frozen lake of the waterworks museum at chestnut hill. It opens in March ... and you will hear more about it on this blog later.

This photo is really pushing the limit of my camera (ISO max 400, shutter speed min 15 seconds). More modern cameras can go up to ISO 3200. Wow, maybe its time for a new one...

Changing this picture and the next one to black and white essentially changed nothing! What a gloomy day!

Here you can see the tracks of the rare tree-scaling snow rabbit.


  1. Ah... a near sighting of the rare tree-scaling snow rabbit, aka, Littlefoot.

  2. I love the (second to last) picture of the tree branches. And, that snow rabbit reminds me of those old Bugs Bunny cartoons where he skis around a tree trunk.