Thursday, December 15, 2005

I never win anything!

Ever notice how when people win a contest, or a lotto, or something on a radio station their first response is often an excited, "I never win anything!"? As if there is a group of ten to fifteen people out there who win all the contests, and only occasionally some lucky normal person slips by. In any case, I won something. A brand new iPod Nano. I got an email informing me of that fact. Now, I'm sure all of you have gotten an email, or a popup informing you that you have also won an iPod. The difference with the one I got was, that there was no need to complete an offer, rather, and I quote:
And the iPod goes to
Ticket # 7646148
Please stop by the Advising Center to present your ticket and redeem your
Amazingly, I had Ticket #7646148 (try and make it out in the picture). In a "blatent attempt" to get people to sign up for academic advising, the YU Advising Center gave out raffle tickets to whoever signed up to meet with their advisor. So I scheduled a meeting with my advisor ("Yes, Eli, you should take all those physics and math courses"), and got my ticket. And won.
Unfortunately, I need a new computer to use my new Nano. Maybe the Advising Center will raffle off a computer next semester...


  1. Why don't you follow Yoni's example and solicit donations on this blog to buy yourself a new computer.

  2. Well the raffle must work. I was supposed to go to my chemistry or caculus professor to find out if I need organic chemistry, and I never went. But if I has a 1 in 10,000 chance to win an iPod nano... No wait, I suppose the raffle is pretty pointless.